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About Us

At Georgia Pediatric Psychology, we understand that in order to capture a clear diagnostic picture, a thorough evaluation is necessary due to the existence of a wide range of psychological disorders with overlapping symptoms.  As pediatric psychologists, we endeavor to provide a complete, in-depth assessment and accurate diagnosis in order to develop a personalized, effective, and goal-oriented treatment plan.  Our goal is to provide therapy and coordinate a multidisciplinary team approach, which often includes working intensively with parents and helping them understand their child’s unique situation and how to cope effectively with parenting a child with special needs.

Our mission is to demonstrate sensitivity to the experiences of parents who are adjusting to having a child with special health care and/or mental health needs. We understand that for both the child and the family, it can be a very difficult situation to deal with when a child has a developmental disability or other mental health problems. Oftentimes, while parents may have already had suspicions regarding the exceptional challenges facing their child, consciously coming to terms with the situation can still be quite hard on the parents.  We recognize the fact that raising a child with mental health needs can be (depending on the severity of the disorder) a remarkably demanding undertaking that can take an emotional and physical toll on both parents and other members of the family. However, it is our belief that there are forms of treatment and interventions that can offer assistance and have a positive effect, so the sooner a child receives a proper diagnosis the smoother it can be for both the child and the family.

The compassionate demeanor of our team at Georgia Pediatric Psychology, combined with our ability to provide our clients and their families with a trusting, sensitive, and nonjudgmental environment, will help you feel comfortable working with us. We aim to have a supportive and honest approach and to answer the questions parents will have about their child’s needs, while also giving a careful, thorough explanation as to the potential impact this will have as their child develops and moves through the transitions through life. Parents are provided with the information they need in order to access services that address the special needs of their child. We realize that there can be overwhelming emotions due to the life-altering changes that will affect the people involved directly in the child’s life.

Our clinical team focuses on the importance of early intervention and shares their knowledge of the methods of treatment that will shed a more positive light on autism spectrum disorder as well as other mental health disorders. By being committed to working together with parents, physicians, schools and other professionals, we are able to coordinate the most effective care and optimize treatment interventions that complement each child’s specific level of development and unique learning and/or emotional and behavioral needs. We provide parents with a list of resources available which include various treatment providers, websites, local clinics, and cutting-edge research in order to provide each client with a realistic yet positive approach to treatment.